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Why pay to have 100% of your records scanned when you only need 10%? Have Secure Records Solutions design a custom program. 

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Let us help you develop a compliant shredding program. Whether you have a one-time or regularly scheduled need, we have a solution. 

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Drawing from decades of cross-industry experience, we’ll help you successfully convert to an electronic content management system.

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We develop smart solutions to complicated data management problems, saving our clients money and solving compliance problems.

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Document Recovery for offices affected by Hurricane Matthew

Our Document Recovery experts are helping offices in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina affected by the unwelcome wind and water that Hurricane Matthew brought this weekend. If your hard copy records have been impacted by the storm, don’t wait to determine what you should do with them – mold will begin to set it immediately, and…

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Hurricane Matthew Disaster Recovery

As organizations of all kinds brace for Hurricane Matthew, our team is standing by to help in the Disaster Recovery efforts. Our secure document management facility is located 150 miles inland from Jacksonville, Florida. If you experience flooding or high winds that impact your hardcopy documents, we are prepared to pick-up, stabilize and recover them. Our team can be reached 24 hours/day…

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Welcome to The Dark Net, the underworld of the web

In this September 11 Vanity Fair article, William Langewiesche follows “Opsec”, his guide to the underworld of the web, through “The Dark Net” to discover a place where information, weapons, and drugs are sold, and wars are being fought. The author gives an excellent history of our public encounters with the dark net along with the…

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Secure Records Solutions Virtual Tour

In recognition of our selection as Business of the Month by the Thomasville-Thomas County Chamber of Commerce, we’ve produced a virtual tour of our facilities to introduce the public to the kinds of information management problems we are solving for clients in 48 states.

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Business of the Month

Secure Records Solutions is proud to be chosen as Business of the Month by the Thomasville Thomas County Chamber of Commerce! A few highlights from our Business of the Month interview with the Chamber… C: How long has SRS been in business in Thomasville? SRS: 14 years C: What do you believe is the main factor behind…

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What’s a cyber attack going to cost me?

We read about a high profile cyber attack in national media outlets on a weekly basis, but data breaches on the scale of Target and The Democratic National Committee are hard to relate to when you run an organization with less than 100 people. According to the annual data breach report by IBM and the Ponemon Institute, the average cost…

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Volunteer of the Year

Secure Records Solutions has been involved in PRISM, our industry’s international association, since before the company was founded in 2003 by Powell Jones. Both Powell and Christopher Jones have been involved as volunteers for many years. This year PRISM recognized Christopher as Volunteer of the Year for the second time for his work chairing the PRISM International Annual Conference in Bonita…

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How to Hack an Election

In the March 31 Bloomberg article “How to Hack an Election” by Jordan Robertson, Michael Riley, and Andrew Willis, we get the story of Andrés Sepúlveda, a Columbian hacker with a political agenda. Sepúlveda is in the custody of the Columbian government, where he is in constant danger from the many political candidates and insiders he has worked with, and…

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What’s your Electronic Health Record Strategy?

If you are thinking about document management in terms of buying a software and scanning paper, you aren’t solving the problem. No matter where you are in the process of managing digital records, you should clarify your strategy so you avoid costly mistakes like scanning records that will never be needed, continuing to produce paper faster…

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Storing Data in DNA

Researchers at the University of Washington and Microsoft are developing capabilities for storing data in DNA molecules. Examples of the 10 Terabytes of data they have proven the ability to organize and retrieve are included in the image above, such as a cat, the Sydney Opera House, and a monkey emoticon. This team has built upon the efforts…

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